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Aaron Krall

SaaS Onboarding Specialist @

 Aaron Krall helps SaaS companies drive more leads, convert more users and accelerate growth. His proven, done for you systems and frameworks have increased conversions, automated sales and reduced churn for companies like and IBM.

Topic: The $20k MRR Blueprint - Step by Step strategy for getting to $20k MRR in the next 6 months

We'll cover how to: Position your product so it attracts your ideal customer; Find prospects that need your product and are happy  to pay for it. Follow up with prospects in a fun, engaging way that makes you the expert. Get in front of the decision maker.

Tom Hunt

Co-founder @

Tom Hunt grows software businesses. He has built a marketplace connecting online entrepreneurs and virtual assistants from scratch whilst travelling the world and sold 90% of it.

He now helps SaaS businesses with B2B marketing and is building the worlds first B2B focussed podcast host:

Topic: The little known SaasS content growth strategy that is delivering quite interesting results

Tom will share a simple SaaS content strategy that closed a five figure deal with a SaaS company (that you know) within 6 months... whilst building a brand, gaining SEO traffic and boosting social engagement.

Patrick Campbell
Co-Founder & CEO @ ProfitWell

Patrick Campbell is the Co-Founder and CEO of ProfitWell the industry standard software for helping companies like Atlassian, Autodesk, Meetup, and Lyft with their monetization through Price Intelligently and retention strategies.

Topic: Value Based Pricing Lessons from 16,452 Companies

Patrick will do a monetization deep dive in order to unpack what he's extracted from over sixteen thousand companies on value based pricing strategy, and why getting it wrong is not an option. 

Shawn Finder

CEO & Founder @ Autoklose

Shawn is experienced sales stragegist. He took ExchangeLeads from 0 to Breakeven in 5.5 months and Launch Autoklose with 3018 prospects ready to purchase before the product was developed. These days he fills his sales rep’s calendars with an average of 38 meetings a week.

Topic: How To Triple Your Sales Using Sales Automation 

Targeted lead generation combined with automated follow-ups is key to increasing your sales. If you are looking for more demos, more prospects, more sales, you need to be utilizing the tools that will help you save hours a week, but also fill the top of your sales funnels.

SaaS founders and executives meet to share real-world expertise and experience.

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About us

No Limit Hub is a non-profit organization with goals to strengthen IT and Startup community, empower the development of entrepreneurship and create space for knowledge and experience exchange. 

We organize several events every month.  During the past two years, we organized more than 40 events with lecturers and professionals from all over the world. 

One of the main objectives of No Limit Hub is organizing local and online conferences. 
Our biggest project is CODEstantine Conference, physical conferences organized in the town of Niš, Serbia.

Over the last five years we had more then 900 participants .

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